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Bringing Honesty, Integrity and Responsibility to the Art of Construction

Garrem Construction is your trusted construction partner in South Florida. 

Experienced Commercial Construction Industry South Florida

Garrem Construction has a rich experience in the commercial construction Industry. Our founders have seen and done multiple projects that led us to constantly strive to create a better, more efficient way to build in the commercial construction industry.

We streamline the construction schedules by always having a vested interest in the success of each project, while keeping one goal in mind….

Give our clients the most important element of any construction relationship – Trust

The Vision

We aim to be the most preferred and sought-after retail and restaurant commercial general contractor in the southeastern United States through the practice and observance of three time-honored values: Honesty, Integrity, and Responsibility.

Green Owl Restaurant in Boca Raton

The Mission

  • We seek, cultivate, and retain critical client relationships in order to grow Garrem Construction an average of 20% per year.
  • We attract, cultivate and develop the highest quality team members who then consistently exceed our client commitments.
  • We consistently give back to our community, our country, and those who serve.

Our client commitments:

  1. Always be part of the solution; Embrace the process; See around the corners.
  2. Make each project successful for the client – every time.
  3. Be the 110% contractor! Done is done – and then some!

Choosing Garrem Construction is the next step to getting your project completed with the direct personal service that you require.

Restaurant Interior Construction

We draw our confidence from knowing the commercial construction industry inside and out. Having done everything in the commercial construction industry allows us to provide the client with a solid foundation and understanding of our methods to ensure the project’s success.

From being carpenters and junior superintendents, right through senior project management and executive level positions with some of the foremost construction companies in the Florida market, the roots of experience at Garrem Construction run deep.


- to understand your needs

- to prepare a comprehensive estimate

- to give the best value with the utmost quality

- to perform in an exemplary manner